At the end of November 2018 we travelled to Ukraine to establish new contacts with non-profit organizations in the cities of Kiev, Odessa, Winnytsya and Nikolaev. Our aim was to discuss a potential cooperation with AVP e.V. as part of an educational project. An international exchange of medical and health professionals between Germany and Ukraine is envisioned.

On the first day of our stay, a meeting with representatives of the medical tourism agency “DoctorGeo” took place in Kiev. We talked about the possible arrangement of our potential cooperation.

On the second day in Kiev we were allowed to visit the president of the “Ukrainian Medical Society”, Mr. Ivan Soroka, and arrange a mutual implementation of a project for the exchange of specialists between Germany and Ukraine. Then we met the Chairman of the Board of the Council of National Communities of Ukraine, Mr. Aschot Awanesian. From him we learned a lot about Ukrainian social, economic and cultural life.

On the third day of our trip we had negotiations in Odessa with the head of the Cultural Office, Mrs. Tatjana Markova, and the head of the Labour and Social Policy Office, Mrs. Olena Kytajska. At the end of our meeting the decision was made to launch a joint German-Ukrainian cooperation.

On the fourth day we went to Nikolaev. There we inquired about the development of the charity project “Rein ins Leben”, which AVP managing director Sergej Aruin founded in 2014. In the framework of this project donations are collected for the support of physically handicapped children. On this occasion a meeting with refugees from Eastern Ukraine took place.

On the same day we also travelled to Winnytsja and met the Vice-Governor, Mr. Oleksandr Kruchenjuk, and the Head of the Foreign Office of the State Administration, Mr. Igor Seletzky. They gave us an insight into their plans for the development of the city and the countryside.

On the fifth day we returned to Kiev to sign the memorandum on our cooperation with the Ukrainian Medical Society and the political party “Social Justice”.

AVP e.V. is looking forward to the cooperation and we are convinced that together with our Ukrainian partners we will achieve new successes.

10 January 2019, Düsseldorf, Germany


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