Youth club for 14 to 27 :)

– Club together! –

Location: Haus der Jugend, Lacombletstraße 10, 40239 Düsseldorf
Time: Wednesdays 5 pm – 9 pm

Actions of the Youth Club run by the AVP Inc. take place once a week in Dusseldorf’s House of Youth (Haus der Jugend). Premises of the House of Youth offer opportunities to play cards, kicker, ping-pongs and other games. In summer, most of our meetings are held in the open air. We barbecue, play football, volleyball and other games.
Moreover, during vacations we also hold events that try to pull together culture, history, policy, sport and leisure of different countries. Withal we highlight the possibility of carrying out excursions to Berlin or Brussels.
Consultations with young people show that many small actions, such as skating or visiting of museums, theatres and cinemas also are important. However, first of all, we are the contact point for young people with their fears and troubles. We give advice on employment applications and help with homework.