Head of Department: Yevgenija Mishchenko
+49 211 2295386

AVP e.V. devotes to education special attention. Many children and adolescents from migrant families are facing difficulties in finding their own way in the education system of Germany. Often the consequence are poor school-marks and lack of prospects. Here our work begins. In order to enable every child to choose a proper educational course, we offer a wide range of vocational education starting from early age for children both from families of migrants and from other families.

Peculiarities of our educational work


Our special expertise is languages and language suppor.

Motivated staff

We attach great importance to the qualification of our staff and their joyful attitude to work

Innovative learning

Children and young people are educated according to the current teaching methods and using the latest technical equipment

“Education of any kind has two meanings: as knowledge and as nurturing of the nature.”

Herbert Spencer, English philosopher and sociologist