About us

AVP history in the overview


Foundation of the AVP registered association


Renting of the office premises on Kempgensweg 79, 40231 Düsseldorf

Establishment of the department of Family Counseling

The bestowal of the Radschläger-Initiativpreis for an active civic position in integration processes


Relocation to business premises in Luisenstrasse 129, 40215 Dusseldorf


Opening of the Education Center Alpha


The tenth anniversary of the association


Laying of the cornerstone of the Day Care Center Tannenhof under the auspices of AVP e.V.

Integration association for all people with migration background

The Association “Akzeptanz, Vertrauen, Perspektive” (AVP e.V.), was created in 2002 as a nonprofit organization promoting integration of Russian-speaking young people and teenagers in Germany. Gradually target groups and the competence of the union have distinctly extended.

In 2015 AVP e.V. is an organization with competent personnel in areas of social work, pedagogics and psychology, which, along with own projects, offers a national platform of competent mediation and experience exchange in social area.

AVP e.V. is an integration union for all migrants and is open for all nationalities.

By now, due to the gained experience, the organization has collected great experience in the field of integration of migrants from the East European countries.

A recognized agency for voluntary assistance to youth welfare according to §75 KJHG (Child and Youth Welfare Act)

The staff of AVP e.V. consisting of 40 employees makes a valuable contribution to the areas of family consulting services, education, youth work, cultural links and international cooperation in social work not only in Dusseldorf, but also at the national and international level.

Trust won by Acceptance creates Prospects

Every person, as well as every family and every situation, is unique. The knowledge and the acceptance of all specific features constitute the basis of trusting communication, which opens new horizons and reveals new prospects.


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