Education Center Alpha

Children and young people from immigrant families often face many barriers to make use of educational opportunities. Therefore, in 2010, with a view to facilities their learning and the development of personal abilities, under the auspices of the AVP e.V. was founded the Education Center Alpha.

Today, teachers, psychologists and logopaedists of the Education Center Alpha supervise the development of more than 200 children from 1.5 to 14 years in a variety of different areas. These, in particular, include a pairwise studying of German, English and Russian languages, logic and mathematics, grammar, development of senso-motoric skills, phonematic hearing, memory training, as well as creative courses, such as theatre, dancing and painting.

Classes are adapted by age and can be held in groups or individually. Many classes are held in a playful form, so that your child could develop in a relaxed atmosphere.

Each group consists maximum of seven children.
Classes are held once or twice a week.

At us, you can take part in a trial lesson free of charge.

Our team together with you organizes for your children various celebrations, such as Christmas, New Year or birthdays.

For more Information, see our website:

We wait for you and your children in the Education Center Alpha.