Kindergarten Tannenhof

In the spring of 2016 under the auspices of AVP e.V. the Kindergarten Tannenhof has opened its doors. The kindergarten is located on the Tannenhofweg in Dusseldorf-Vennhausen.

The kindergarten Tannenhof is conceived as an educational agency for support of the Institute of Family. Children will be considered as curious researchers who actively study themselves and the environment. Respectively, our purpose is not only to provide and support the necessary basic conditions for the development and maturation of children, but also to take in account the additional peculiarities of educational processes for relevant age groups. Training in skills, necessary for active participation of the child in public life, and their development are the paramount task of our activity.

Besides pedagogical work with children, an important element of education is intensive participation of parents. Thanks to close cooperation with AVP e.V., we can make use of long-term experience of its multidisciplinary team in various areas of family and youth problems.

Pedagogical conception

Our educational principles are based on pedagogical and philosophical theories of cognition and include situational approach, pedagogy of Waldorf, method of Montessori and the approach of Lev Vygotsky. We believe it is important to work not dogmatic, but to participate in a live process of development and teaching. We always focus on the task of optimizing our concept for the benefit of children.

In the focus of educational work lie the development and strengthening of basic educational skills. Here priority is given to the development of multilingualism, whereas the Russian language is taught as the major one. Besides that, a special role in the work of specialists will play the teaching of basics of a healthy lifestyle and environmental culture, music and art.

Why is needed in Dusseldorf a kindergarten oriented on Russian language?

Today about 8% of the population of Dusseldorf consider Russian their native language. These citizens having common history, language and individual life experience make a significant contribution to cultural diversity of the city and of Germany as a whole.

Results of daily work of the AVP e.V. with migrants show that the most successful integration is reached by correlation of their traditions with the new social environment.

Parallel acquaintance with culture and languages of the different countries already at school age gives the children a huge advantage to further development.

We hope that the first Russian-speaking kindergarten in Dusseldorf will become an important component of the primary education system and will further enhance the German-Russian cooperation.

Our target group includes not only the local population but also Russian entrepreneurs who thus will be able to communicate with local families on a long-term basis.