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    My child is 3 years old. It has attended kindergarten for two months now. I would like to contribute to its development and I am still looking for organizations dealing with such issues.

    We recommend you to visit our Education Center Alpha. Qualified teachers work there. You can find specific offers Alpha’s homepage www.alpha-bildungszentrum.de or call 0211-2295386

    My son is 13 years old. He cannot last a minute without a computer game. His grades went down. He has almost no friends. If I distract him from the computer, he reacts very aggressively. What should I do?

    To distract a child from the computer, it is necessary to get him interested in something else. It would be useful, for example, to attend events and clubs with him (sports – such as football or boxing clubs, etc.) You can also join our youth club, which meets every Wednesday at the House of youth.

    If you have already tried those solutions to distract your son from computer games, it might be helpful to turn to a psychologist. On this page https://gesundheit.nrw.de/content/e224/e349/e377 you can find one nearby.

    My husband suffers from alcoholism. In a drunken state, he often gets into fights. Sometimes he even beats me. Help me. What should I do?

    In any case, you must do something. You can contact an advisory bureau for women. The address will remain anonymous and can give you and your children the opportunity to stay at an asylum, and your husband will not know where you are. Such advisory bureaus for women are available in almost every city. Here is the Advisory Center for Women in Dusseldorf: https://www.frauenberatungsstelle.de/pages/gewaltbeziehung/thema.php

    If you have children who suffer under these circumstances, you can contact the Office of Youth Affairs (Jugendamt). You can also come to us – we will advise you and, if necessary, our staff will take you to the Jugendamt.