On May 27th, 2020 the newly founded supervisory board of AVP e.V. was brought into being.

The members of the AVP supervisory board were appointed by the executive board for a term of office of 5 years. The supervisory board advises the management board on all important issues relating to the association and promotes the ideas and goals in public.

Composition of the supervisory board:

From left: Dirk Sauerborn, Matthias Focks (Deputy Director AVP), Sergej Aruin (Director AVP), Michael Szentei-Heise, André Simon, Marco Georg Zaic (Chairman of the Supervisory Board), Edwin Pütz (Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board). The supervisory board consists of 5 members who have been associated with AVP e.V. for a long time.

The AVP board of directors leads the operative business with Sergej Aruin and Matthias Focks, who are actively supported by the AVP department heads.

According to the Articles of Association, the tasks of the Supervisory Board include in particular: Monitoring the activities of the Management Board and advising the Management Board.

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