Many new friends
I didn’t have any friends when I came from Russia to Germany. I found the youth club by chance and was welcomed with open arms immediately. In the meantime I have found many new friends through the youth club. I have also participated in a few projects and made field trips to other cities, for example Cologne and Brussels.

Education Center Alpha
AVP enchants our children with the program they offer at Alpha. The employees are so friendly and motivated that the kids don’t necessarily feel that it is a learning environment. It feels like one big family.

Good development
Thanks to you my son has developed well. He is more emotionally stable, he can make friends now. Thanks to your support in correspondence my debts are nearly paid off! None of this would have been possible without your help.
Mr. J.

You have helped me and my children very much
Hello! I want to sincerely thank my family counselors. You have been helping me for almost two years and your work amazes me. You have helped me and my children very much. My children like you a lot, too, and I hope to overcome the difficulties in my life with your help.
Mrs. H.

You saved my daughter
I sincerely thank you for your work. You saved my daughter. Thankfully she changed for the better because of your intense, individual support. My daughter refused to attend school, now she graduated successfully.
Mrs. O.

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