On September 08, 2023, a symposium on the topic of “Challenges of online prevention in the phenomenon area of religiously based extremism” was held at the Haus der Universität in Düsseldorf. The event was also broadcast online and invited an intensive exchange of views on current challenges, strategies and approaches to solutions in the field of online prevention.
After the guests were welcomed by Lena Rumler, moderator of the symposium, Beate Einhaus-Hoves (BMFSFJ), Michael Hein (Youth Welfare Office Düsseldorf), Dirk Sauerborn (Supervisory Board AVP) and Sergej Aruin (AVP e.V.) as well as Matthias Focks (Thomasius Foundation) opened the event.
Christian Büchler (Social Ninja GmbH), Sven-Jonas Martiensen (Kamil 2.0), Christina Dinar (KHSB Berlin) and Samira Tabti (Thomasius Research Institute on Political Extremism) presented different topics of online prevention. The expert presentations stimulated deep discussions on the role of social platforms, the relevance of Muslims in online Islamism prevention, the challenges of transparency versus anonymity in online social work, and the use of AI in online prevention work.
A highlight of the event was the musical accompaniment by Benjamin Stein, who added a special aesthetic to the event with oriental sounds.
After a fruitful panel discussion, the symposium ended at 3:00 pm.
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