Düsseldorf. The establishment on Tannenhofweg will be opened in spring 2016.

More than 40.000 Russian-speaking people live in Düsseldorf. For thirteen years the organization AVP has contributed to their integration. The abbreviation stands for acceptance, trust, perspective. For the first time, the organization will be sponsor to a day care center, the foundation stone of which was already laid on Tannenhofweg. The copper capsule that Chief Mayor Thomas Geisel buried with managing director Sergej Aruin contained Euro coins as well as some Roubles. “We have always dreamt of a day care center and now the dream comes true”, says Sergej Aruin.

In the new building on the municipal plot of land, which was used as a dog walking ground before, thirty children younger than and 44 children older than three will be taken care of. Two of the four groups will be German-speaking whereas the other two groups will be bilingual in German and Russian. Additional offers include early musical training and ecological pedagogics. The day care center will be open from 7am to 5pm.

The head of the Youth Department Burkhard Hintzsche emphasized that the establishment will be open to all children. Along with the increase in the number of day care center places it is important for the city to ensure and improve the quality of child care. Architect Thomas Pape of the architectural office Derwald in Dortmund explained that folding patterns that children like to work on inspired the edgy design of the interior and the unusual floor plan. It was also taken into consideration that children like to play tag and hide and seek inside when the weather is bad. The wooden façade conveys warmth. Finally, the head of District Administration Wilhelm van Leyen suggested the construction of a youth center on the meadow.

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