Oberbilk. In AVP’s (Akzeptanz, Vertrauen, Perspektive = acceptance, trust, perspective) recreational center, adolescents delve into the poet’s works. By Ina Armbruster.

The painting shows a tree in golden chains and right next to it a cat and a small house – on chicken legs. “These are all motives from Alexander Pushkin’s works”, Maximilian Zakvozdkin explains. The 14-year-old is one of nine adolescents who concerned themselves with the Russian poet’s works in AVP’s recreational center. “Each of us developed a painting that was first drawn and then sprayed on a canvas as graffiti.”

On Saturday those colorful works attracted a lot of attention on Oberbilk market place. They were exhibited in the context of a celebration for Pushkin’s birthday (1799-1837). AVP members hosted this celebration for the fourth time. “We had fifteen visitors during the first celebration, today there are 150. That makes us happy” says managing director Sergej Aruin.

The place was chosen deliberately – a Pushkin bust, which was a gift from Düsseldorf’s twin town Moscow, stands right in front of the German-Russian trading center. The organization has assumed the sponsorship.

AVP wants to contribute to a successful politics of integration and support the dialogue between Russia and Germany.

“That is why we are happy to see that not only people such as the Russian Vice Consul from Bonn or the head of District Administration are among our guests, but also passersby who are interested in our work” says Aruin.

In addition to the graffiti exhibition, the theater group “Kabawil”’s new performance attracted onlookers.

There was a drawing contest for the little ones. The celebration is over, but the flowers laid down in front of the bust will commemorate the poet’s birthday for a few more days.

Source: RP.


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