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In many Siberian cities children that are bound to a wheelchair due to their disability cannot go to school, receive medical treatment or actively participate in life. Many of them are forced to spend the whole day at home with their parents.

The problem is that there is no transportation system to bring disabled children to school, medical specialists or recreational activities. Thus, it is impossible for those children to claim their right to education receive appropriate medical treatment and make friends in their environment. The consequences are a lack of career prospects, isolation and psychological problems as well as health problems. We want to help those children to actively participate in life, claim their right to education and give them a chance to develop a personality.

To achieve this aim we would like to provide those children in Noyabrsk with a bus, rebuilt for the transportation of wheelchairs. In this bus the children can be driven to school, to the doctor, to a sports club, to music or art school and other recreational activities. As soon as we have collected enough donations, we are planning to drive the bus 5.531 km from Düsseldorfer Schlossplatz to Noyabrsk to hand it over personally to the association “Taganai”, which has the responsibility for the project on-site.

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