There are many exciting things for young people to discover around the world and therefore there is not much as exciting as a trip, especially when it is associated with a mission. Our youth group visited the city of Novy Urengoy from March 24th to 30th to shoot a documentary film on the topic of immigration together with local youth. Since the city of Novy Urengoy was only founded in 1973, it consists almost entirely of immigrants and is therefore predestined for such a project.
The trip is supported by the “Europeans for Peace” programme of the “EVZ – Memory, Responsibility, Future” Foundation. EVZ supports projects that maintain the culture of remembrance, remind people of the injustices of the national socialist regime, as well as peace-building projects for the future in order to prevent a revival of hostile developments. It is therefore important to strengthen international friendships and mutual understanding, which is also a central concern of the AVP.
Our heartfelt thanks go to the Department of Education and the Department of International and Economic Cooperation of the Yamal-Nentzen Autonomous Community for making our trip possible, and of course to School No. 17 in Novy Urengoy.








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