Due to acceptance earned trust creates perspectives

Every person, every family and every situation is unique.
Such an understanding and our acceptance of all peculiarities are the basis for
the establishment of trustful communication that can open up new perspectives and horizons.


Family Consulting

Family support, aid to the upbringing; counseling and care of families; mediation in offers of help

Educational Center

Presentation of teaching material in a playful form, so that your child can develop in a relaxed environment


The competence, which allows the child an active participation in social events of modern society


Multilingual facility and cultural diversity – we combine German and Russian traditions

Youth Club

Creative projects and offers for youngsters

Theatrical workshop

Theatrics, different theatrical performances and other offers

Comedy Derby

The comedy competition of teams in jokes and quick wit


International exchange and cultural experiences for youngsters


Das alte Jahr ist fast vorbei, begrüßt soll nun das Neue sein! Liebe Kinder und…

В этом году традиционные новодние елки в нашей «Альфе» посетило около 350 ребят и родителей….

On November 25th, 2015, our department “Family Counseling” celebrated its 10th anniversary. For the celebration…

An official presentation gave the international charity project “Start Living!” the green light on Friday,…

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